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Krittika comes to Dubai from Delhi after her father’s demise. On his deathbed her father reveals the existence of the family he had escaped from years ago. A family she hadn’t even known existed. The Rathods. On her arrival she finds herself in a set up and way of life that is completely alien. For one the entire clan lives together. They work together. In the family business. And they are wealthy. Powerful. But the most shocking revelation of all is that she is a wealthy heiress. Her grandfather left the bulk of his fortune to her father and she has inherited it on his death. Krittika doesn’t know whether to be glad or sorry to learn that she need never worry about finances again. And the large beautiful white house by the sea seems perfect. Only it isn’t. There’s a snake in Eden. Something murky beneath the bright and gay surface of her new family. For who is the stranger she meets on the beach? A man named Kapil Singh who tells her he is her family’s arch enemy. A man who looks at her with such hatred though it’s their first meeting? “You are a Rathod.” He tells her angrily. And slowly Krittika begins to understand what it means to be a Rathod. The focus, the commitment, the loyalty. And slowly she begins to bond with her cousins. Then in an unexpected twist Krittika finds herself alone once more. Someone tries to push her off the terrace of a hotel and kill her. Kapil Singh comes to her rescue. Krittika finds herself plagued by ugly suspicions. Who is trying to kill her? Why? Will Krittika manage to evade the murderer? Will she find the truth? Or die in the attempt? And if she does will she manage to tell Kapil how she really feels about him before it’s too late?